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With experience dating back to 1947, the Grimaldi Group is a multinational logistics Group specialised in the operation of roll-on/roll-off vessels, car carriers and ferries. It is a dedicated supplier of integrated logistics services based on maritime transport to the world's major vehicle manufacturers. Through its maritime services, the Group transports cars, any type of rolling cargo, containers, palletised/unitised cargo and passengers.
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention: we protect traffic in the Mediterranean
The Grimaldi Group has an important role to play in guaranteeing the supply of Mediterranean countries, and we do our best to protect both our customers and our staff from the effects of COVID-19. The Grimaldi Group has not planned any(...)

The Grimaldi News is the quarterly newsletter published in English and with a circulation of 38,000 copies, dedicated to maritime freight links offered by the Grimaldi Group. The (...)
Minoan Wave 2019-2020 Minoan Wave 2019-2020
Minoan Wave is the on board magazine of the Greek ferry operator Minoan Lines. Published once a year in Greek/English. It has a circulation of 50,000 copies. It is available on board all of the company's vessels and in the (...)
Finnlines News 3/2019 Finnlines News 3/2019
The Finnlines news is the newsletter of the Finnish company Finnlines. It has a circulation of 27,500 copies and it is published in English. The aim of this publication is to inform freight customers about the news, events and (...)
Grimaldi Mare Nostrum Magazine (Year XVI n. 2) Grimaldi Mare Nostrum Magazine (Year XVI n. 2)
The Grimaldi Magazine Mare Nostrum is the Group's onboard publication, designed to inform passengers about local events and places of interest to visit at the destinations served by Grimaldi Ferries in the Mediterranean. (...)
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