Mare Nostrum Awards

Mare Nostrum Awards

Mare Nostrum Awards  is the International press award sponsored by the on board magazine Grimaldi Magazine Mare Nostrum and dedicated to the promotion of travels by sea in the Mediterranean, in particular of the Motorways of the Sea, with the aim to enhance this excellent opportunity of exchanges, links and sustainable development of the Mediterranean countries.

The XVI edition of the award will be characterized by a € 50,000 jackpot, divided between five winners

Professional journalists and part-time reporters, as well as photographers, who have treated and published a work on the Motorways of the Sea between the 15th of September 2023 and the 15th of April 2024, emphasizing the advantages of these links from an economic, tourist, cultural, social and environmental view, are invited to participate to the award. 

Prizes will be assigned to press and television reports, radio services, correspondence, documentaries, photographic reports as well as economic-tourist report investigations realised in Italian, English, Spanish, French, Catalan and Greek languages.

All authors must reside in Europe, Tunisa or Morocco, while the works have to be published in the respective languages indicated above. 

In order to get direct information and experiences useful to prepare their works, all authors interested in the Mare Nostrum Awards will be offered for a round trip on board one of Grimaldi Lines, Minoan Lines or Trasmed GLE vessels, operating between Italy, Spain and Greece. The trip must be performed between 30th of September 2023 and 31st of March 2024.

Participants must send their works to the Award Organisation Secretariat by the 30th of April 2024.

(Italian, English, French, Spanish, Greek)

Award Organisation Secretariat

Chiara Palmiero

Via Marchese Campodisola, 13
80133 Naples - Italy

+39 081 496677