ACL launches fastest service between Ireland and North America

Atlantic Container Line (ACL), a Grimaldi Group company, has teamed up with BG Freight Line and Peel Ports in Liverpool and Dublin to provide a new service that has significantly improved transit times and reliability in both directions between Ireland and North America.

In late May, BG Freight Line upgraded its Liverpool-Ireland (Dublin and Belfast) service with an optimized schedule. Liverpool is the closest deep sea port to both Dublin and Belfast, and the first port into Europe and last port out of Europe in ACL’s weekly service connecting the US and Canada with Northern Europe.

Thanks to BG Freight Line’s feeder service from Dublin and Belfast to Liverpool, ACL can now offer the fastest maritime link between Ireland and North America (Halifax, New York, Baltimore and Norfolk), with transit times 1-2 weeks faster than every other transatlantic freight service and improved reliability due to additional spare time in the schedule.

ACL and BG Freight Line have agreed to coordinate their schedules to minimize connection time at Liverpool. In addition, Liverpool is giving ACL and BG Freight Line berth and crane priority on this new service to ensure smooth connections every week.

BG Freight Line, Marine Terminals Ltd (MTL) in Dublin and Royal Seaforth Container Terminal (RSCT) in Liverpool are all companies of the Peel Ports Group, enabling them to guarantee performance both at the ocean terminals and at sea. ACL has been calling at the Port of Liverpool for 57 consecutive years, so its relationship with the Peel Ports Group and its companies has a long and productive history.

The ACL - BG Freight Line - Peel Ports combination puts this new Irish service into a totally different league compared to all the other sailing options via continental and other UK ports. Unbeatable speed, combined with ACL’s award-winning, personalized customer service, gives customers the best service available in the market.