Enhanced onboard training and safety with Praesidium International in the Gulf of Aden

In a geopolitical context characterized for years now by great uncertainty and changeability, in recent months the Red Sea crisis has represented an additional risk for the stability of international shipping and the safety of crews. In critical periods like this, the importance of seafarers’ advanced training and professionalism is more evident than ever.uploaded picture

The Grimaldi Group has always invested in comprehensive basic and refresher training of its crews. To further protect the safety of its ships transiting the Gulf of Aden, the Group relies on the support of Praesidium International, an Italian company who are specialists in this field. This collaboration has led to the development and implementation of specific, innovative solutions for Grimaldi’s ships and crews, including communication and monitoring measures that exploit cutting-edge technologies and specific ship ‘hardening’ (physical security measures taken to improve vessel integrity). Through its operational teams in the Gulf, Praesidium International also carries out training activities and specific in-person exercises for crew members of Grimaldi ships in transit.

The activities in question have been warmly welcomed by the various Grimaldi Group crews who have transited the Red Sea since last December. This important new step in onboard training and safety is the result of the collaboration between the crews and Praesidium International’s highly qualified personnel, with the valid support of the Grimaldi Group’s shoreside offices.uploaded picture