Automar launches a new railway service between Gioia Tauro and Pontecagnano

New investments for rail-sea intermodality have recently been announced by Automar, a subsidiary of the Grimaldi Group which manages terminals in Civitavecchia, Pontecagnano, Gioia Tauro and Termini Imerese. With the launch of a new railway service connecting the facilities in Gioia Tauro to those located in Pontecagnano, the company has further emerged as a point of reference for automotive logistics in Italy.

In addition to being a strategic port for the export of cars from Italy, Gioia Tauro is also an important hub for the import of vehicles from the Near and Far East (China, South Korea, Turkey) and the United States. The new railway service, operating from 24 January, allows cars produced in Italy to be transported from the Pontecagnano terminal directly to the port of Gioia Tauro where, using the Grimaldi Group’s maritime services, they are shipped for export. In addition, cars disembarked from abroad in the port of Gioia Tauro can be transported by train to the Pontecagnano terminal (about 10 km south of Salerno), and then routed towards their final destinations.

With around 10 trains scheduled per week, the connection between the port of Gioia Tauro and central Italy has thus been strengthened, benefiting the handling and distribution of vehicles.

The new service represents an important step in the creation of an integrated logistics system, capable of managing both the import and export of cars through a sustainable and highly efficient transport network. This innovation reflects the company’s consolidated trend of growth and development: in 2023, Automar recorded an increase of over 50% in port traffic, with 256 inbound trains (38,498 cars transported) and 12 outbound trains (2,182 cars transported). In 2024, the company expects a further 50% increase in train traffic.