The Grimaldi Group orders five car carrier vessels ammonia-ready

Naples, 26 October 2022: The Grimaldi Group continues investing to enhance and upgrade its owned fleet. The shipping company has signed today an order for the construction of five new PCTCs (Pure Car Truck Carriers) with the shipyard China Merchants Heavy Industries Jiangsu, company part of China Merchant Industry Holdings. The agreement foresees an option for additional five units, for a total investment of approximately 1 billion euro.

With a loading capacity of over 9,000 CEU, the new buildings have been designed to transport Electric Vehicles (EV). They also received the Ammonia Ready class notation by Rina, which certifies that the ships have been designed and will be built to be converted at a later date to use ammonia as marine fuel. Moreover, the vessels will be equipped with mega lithium batteries, as well as solar panels and shore connection, which will allow them to achieve the Zero Emission in Port ®. The other main technical innovations of these ships are the Air Lubrication system, an Innovative Propulsion and optimized hull design, which aim to reduce the carbon footprint.

It continues the strong alliance between Grimaldi Group and China Merchants Industrial Group, and strengthens the strategic cooperation between the two groups to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results”, declared Mr. Hu, General Manager of China Merchant Industry Holdings, during the contract signing ceremony.

“The Grimaldi Group has been a veritable pioneer in environmental sustainability, with initiatives aimed at reducing CO2 emissions from its activities year after year. The potential dual-fuel vessels will be far more efficient than earlier designs; they will burn 50% less fuel than the previous generation of car carriers” stated Emanuele Grimaldi, Managing Director of Grimaldi Group. “We are witnessing an evolution which will bring the sector toward the zero emissions goal. The order signed today, of a new type of vessel ammonia-ready, is a challenge, particularly when the alternative fuels for the industry to decarbonise are not available at the moment. The realization of such an innovation requires huge commitment of all parties involved but, then, this commitment turns into Progress” concluded Emanuele Grimaldi, thanking Mr. Hu for the fruitful collaboration.

The five ships ordered are expected to be delivered between 2025 and the end of 2026 and the Group’s fleet will become even younger and efficient. The additional car carrier vessels will satisfy the new market requirements, and are planned to be deployed on voyages between Europe, North Africa, and the Near and Far East.

The contract strengthens the relationship between the Grimaldi Group and China Merchant Industry Holdings which had already brought the realization of 29 state-of-the-art ships in the recent past years.