Grimaldi lines
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Grimaldi Deep Sea

Incorporated in Palermo, Sicily, Grimaldi Deep Sea was established as a shipping company a few decades ago, with the aim of supporting the Italian Government's strategy to create the conditions for the development of maritime links between the Southern Italian Regions and the major worldwide markets.

The Chairman is Gianluca Grimaldi and the Managing Directors are Emanuele Grimaldi and Diego Pacella, the latter also being the Group's Finance Director.

Grimaldi Deep Sea's core business is the Atlantic trades: between North Europe, West Africa and South America; between South America and West Africa; and also between North America and West Africa. Most of the Grimaldi-owned fleet is deployed on these routes. It includes a substantial number of Ro/Ro-Multipurpose Container Carriers (extremely flexible in carrying large volumes of cars, rolling cargo, containers, project and oversized cargo as well), and large Pure Car and Truck Carriers (PCTC).