Biodiversity protection certificate for the crew of the Catania

The crew of the Grimaldi Group ferry Catania are the first to have completed the training and awareness course on biodiversity conservation and collision risk organized by Life Conceptu Maris, a European project that promotes the knowledge and protection of cetaceans and turtles in the Mediterranean. Indeed, the project includes training of seafarers working in the Mediterranean so that macro-fauna at risk of collision can be promptly identified from the bridge.

On 13 December, Life Conceptu Maris researchers delivered the certificate of participation in the course to the Master of the ship Catania Angelo Russo. It is no coincidence this is precisely the same ferry used so far by researchers for data collection and monitoring cycles in the core areas of the project – the southern Tyrrhenian Sea and the channels of Sardinia and Sicily.

In the coming months, the crews of other Grimaldi ships involved in the Life Conceptu Maris project will also be invited to do the course, in light of the importance of their role for the conservation of the giants of the sea: this applies not only in terms of safety for the animals concerned but also in relation to awareness-raising actions implemented by crew members, in turn, on passengers.