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Naples, 4th October 2018: In line with its corporate social responsibility policy, the Grimaldi Group strengthens its rootedness in Europe, increasing its European workforce.

As can be seen, inter alia, from its 2017 Sustainability Report, the Neapolitan group, a multinational operating on a global scale, is deeply rooted in Italy and in the other European countries where it operates. Out of a total of 15,000 employees worldwide (ashore and onboard), as much as 12,000 are European citizens, while the remaining 3,000 come from non-European countries (United States, Philippines, India, South America and Africa), confirming an international and multicultural vocation. Out of the latter, 1,000 are employed in the various offices and terminals located in other Continents and 2,000 onboard (just over 14% of the total), where their presence is essential, as they usually have to take up jobs that Italians and other Europeans refuse.

Currently, the 25 mixed freight/passenger vessels, managed by the Group under the Grimaldi Lines, Finnlines and Minoan Lines brands in intra-European routes (Mediterranean, Aegean and Baltic Sea), sail under the Italian, Greek, Swedish or Finnish flags. Over 4,000 seafarers are employed onboard (turning over 2,000 jobs), 98% of which come from European Union countries: 41.13% are Italian, 28.29% Greek, 16.47% Finnish, 9.36% Swedish, and the leftovers come from other European nations.

Following requests from the European Commission, from some Member States and from the ETF (European Transport Federation), the Grimaldi Group has recently decided to guarantee to its passenger ships operating between EU ports the full application of the "Athens Protocol", thus employing exclusively European personnel.

In this regard, the Grimaldi Group has initiated the replacement, from its mixed cargo/passenger vessels, of the remaining 2% originating from non-EU countries (around 40 seafarers who hold qualified positions). In spite of the difficulty in identifying personnel with the appropriate certificates, the Group expects to be able, within the end of this year, to reach the goal of 100% EU crews on ships operating between European ports.

In addition, in the rest of the Grimaldi fleet, consisting of about 90 cargo ships (ro/ro, con/ro and Pure Car & Truck Carriers) and mainly used on deepsea routes, the crews are mostly made up of European citizens, and their number is far higher than required by current national and international regulations.

The Grimaldi Group has always worked in the firm belief that the skills and the quality of its employees are at the foundations of the success of its activities, whether they work ashore or onboard.

Attached: Crew composition for Grimaldi passenger ships (October 2018).

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